this is the roleplay where Felix's thing takes place to do things.

Part 1: Crossing PathsEdit

It was a very normal day on Mobius. Lassy was out and about, walking around town.

Felix was walking around town aswell, with atleast 50 guards with him.

Lassy noticed this, and stopped in her tracks, a bit surprised.

"Oh hi." Felix said.

Lassy waved. "Hi!"

Literally every guard readied their weapons.

"GUYS! Chill!" Felix said. "She just said hi."

"Fine." One of the Guards said. "Pero si ella pone un dedo encima, a continuación, lo juro ..."

"Anyway, what's your name?" Felix said.

"My name's Lassy. Nice to meet you!" She said, seemingly not even nervous about the guards anymore.

"I'm Felix." Felix said. "The King of Mobius. Which is also why there are tons of trigger-happy guards with me."

"I see that." Lassy said, with a somewhat awkward smile. "Nice to meet you, Felix." She answered.

"Okay move along now." One of the guards said.

Lassy sighed in dissapontment. "Okay..." She said, starting to walk away.

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