Felix is the king of Mobius.

Appearence Edit

Felix has Dark Yellow fur, but usually wears a King's Attire; Crown, Cape and Armor, all of which are Silver. (He prefers Silver to Gold)

Powers Edit

Pyrokinesis - Being an attack oriented character, Felix uses Fire to burn his enemies to a crisp.

Electrokinesis - Like the fire, since he's attack oriented, he uses Electricity for quick attacks out of the blue.

Chronomancy - By far Felix's strongest power, He can slow down or speed up time, however this puts extreme strain on him, excessive use can kill him.

Cyromancy - Felix has slight Cyromancy to freeze some of his enemies, This takes some Magic Energy, but he has a ton of it, so it's easy to use.

Abilites Edit

Super Speed/Reflexes - Felix is extremely fast, and can dodge gunfire, with his Chronomancy he can dodge point-blank gunfire.

Weaknesses Edit

Hydromancy or Hydrokinesis - Felix always hated water, Water attacks do much more damage to him and will put out his flames.

Magic Supply - He may have a ton of Magic Energy, but when he runs out, well, let's just say; "Get a Cannon ready."

Stamina - Felix has low stamina with his body, he cannot run for very long, however has does have great stamina with his powers, just not with his body. do you get it or no? No? Read it again then.

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